Prosthesis During prosthetic dentistry of teeth we give attention not only to mouth cavity function, but also to aesthetical image. Now rarely are used punched crowns. Those crowns were not accurate, they traumatized gums. Today they are even forbidden to manufacture in our country. We offer to our patients various up-to-date prosthetic dentistry grades – metal-ceramic and free- metal ceramic crowns, bridges, also laminas and various other constructions of taken out prosthetic dentistry. Prosthetic dentistry with crowns is needed when:

  • Big filling do not hold
  • When cosmetic effect is needed
  • Bite height is corrected
  • Old crowns are changed
  • Tooth is broken

Free-metal ceramic crowns look the most aesthetical. These crowns are just from porcelain. In such crown there is no metal. Porcelain is strong, looks aesthetical and wonderfully restores lost teeth function. Bridge prosthetic dentistry is done when: ·Is needed to restore teeth defects(lost teeth) ·Strenghthen nimble teeth: Redistribute chewing charge In order to correct teeth color, shape, hide old filling, when teeth enamel weared out, porcelain plates. These are very thin porcelain plates, whose thickness can vary from 0.3-0.5 mm. Before that the teeth surface is prepared and the seal is taken. In laboratory made plate is pasted to the teeth with high quality resinous cement.The work is hard for doctor as well as for teeth technician, that’s why the price is similar to the metal-ceramic crown.   Incomplete and full plates we offer to the patients, who have lost many or all teeth. Up-to-date developed technologies let to fix the prosthetic dentistry to the teeth with special locks or hooks. This is so called arc-basic prosthetic dentistry. This prosthetic dentistry absolutely does not move, when chewing or speaking and are aesthetic. There is no need to take them out during night. All these prosthetic dentistry are made from the materials of such companies as “Vita Omega”, “Heraus Kulcer Gmb (Germany),”3M” (USA), Septodont”(France), “Dentaurum” (Germany).