Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Beautiful white teeth makes your smile shine and a shining smile gives you more confidence. However, very few people have naturally white teeth. We can offer a solution - teeth whitening with special whitening lamp BT COOL (plus).

Causes of tooth color changes:
 AGE dental hard tissue lesions;
 agents used during tooth development (eg Tetracycline);
 Frequent use of products with coloring agetns;
 racial dental hard tissue characteristics (eg Europeans teeth are darker than people of colour).

 White and healthy teeth gives person confidence and attractive radiance .Blinding white smile pleasantly encourages others.

   Our clinic dentists will help you choose an individual treatment method that works for you. We offer several whitening methods:
 clinic teeth whitening using BT COOL (plus) whitening lamp.
This is one of the most effective teeth whitening method that is safe for teeth and gums. Dental hard tissues are not damaged. This is a completely safe procedure. Your teeth will whiten to the maximum within a short period of time (the length of approximately 1.5 h.).

The bleaching lamp advantages:
• advanced whitening method, the procedure does not cause discomfort;
• Fast and efficient bleaching result;
• the procedure is safe and scientifically verified;
• Teeth are bleached to maximum brightness in a short period of time (45-60 min.)
• long-lasting results without tooth sensitivity, because the lamp rays doesn't heat tooth tissue.
GIFT-whitening toothpaste! Each patient opting for teeth whitening with BT COOL (plus) lamp will recive- Opalescence whitening toothpaste!

Teeth whitening in the clinic consists of several stages:
- Before whitening gums are covered with a special protective material to protect the soft tissues in the oral cavity;
- Teeth are covered with a special bleaching agent;
- Bleaching agent is activated by BT COOL lamp for 20 minutes (the procedure is repeated 2-3 times).
after the teeth are cleaned and results are checked.

It is worth paying attention to:
• Each patient's tooth color after teeth whitening procedure is specific. Bleaching treatments effect depends on the thickness of the enamel, tooth structure, congenital color, age, habits, and so on. Therefore, the number of bleaching sessions,for each person will vary.
• With some people the procedure may result in short-term tooth sensitivity. These symptoms will disappear within a few days after the whitening procedure if you use teeth sensitivity reducing toothpaste.
• Research claims that this does not harm teeth because whitening materials used have neutral acidity (pH). Clinical studies have shown that teeth whitening does not alter the structure of the tooth enamel.
• Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many dentists believe that teeth whitening the safest cosmetic dental procedure. It is recommended to remove plaque before the whitening procedure, that is do professional oral hygiene procedure.

 Individual whitening using mouth trays at home.

It is a bleaching process that the patient performs at home. At the patient's request, the inprints are removed from the teeth and dental laboratory technicians produce individual trays (tray price 220 .). Then inject the whitening gel into the individual trays and place it for a few hours on the teeth. Self-adhesive gel consistency (bleaching agent) does not flow from the tray and firmly sticks to the teeth. The results are visible within the first week, and the best results are achieved after 10 generations. This method is not suitable for patients who are heavy smokers, drink a lot of coffee, tea or coloring products. Also for people whose teeth are worn on the teeth gnashing at night, irregular bite or so.

- Dead teeth, fillings and crowns do not bleach.
- Not all teeth can be bleached , especially if they are stained, transparent enamel, sensitive - such teeth whitening is not recommended.
- Red wine, coffee, green tea and cigarettes have a particularly significant adverse impact on teeth color.
- It is necessary to brush your teeth with a toothbrush 2 times a day and use dental floss.
 - In order for the whitening effect remain for a long time, it is necessary to visit the oral hygienist to perform professional oral hygiene every 6 months. .