Your family dentist

Your family dentist Snow white smile – the image of the modern man. Our aesthetic restoration clinic was established in 1995. We offer high quality odontologic treatment and mouth illness prophylaxis services for adults and children. We offer aesthetic filling, restore and correct teeth form, arrangement in teeth arc and color. Work with highest technology and materials. In order to ensure maximal comfort to our patients and treatment quality we acquired: ·Small radioactivity dentitionphotos x-rays apparatus ·Itraoral video camera, which helps patients in a monitor to see his/her own teeth and mouth ·Electronic tooth root surface searcher, which helps to estimate the height of tooth root.   We enjoy working with our patients. If you or your acquaintances have aesthetic or other problems we sincerely invite you to visit our clinic. All our doctors are ready to become your personal family odontologist. We can easily be found, because our clinic is established in an old town Galinio Pylimo street Nr. 5. You can also call us: (846) 252382, mob. 861237440, fax. (8-46) 252382, email:, web page: