Aesthetic reconstructive restoration

Aesthetic reconstructive restoration The creation of nice smile is an art and science together. The smile reveals that you feel good and leaves first pleasant impression about yourself. Today people want to have not only healthy, but also good-looking teeth. Usually people feel unsatisfied with their smile, although, they do not know how to overcome that problem. If your teeth are stain, exude old filling, teeth had changed the color, the form does not look good, gap between teeth – do not become dispirited. We use newest technologies and treatment methods and high quality of fillingmaterials. You will not only smile, but also will have more reasons to smile. Aesthetic filling materials distinguish itself in special characteristics that are very similar to natural teeth characteristics. During the restoration of teeth, we very accurately repeat all the teeth layers and rebuilt anatomical teeth form. This is a maximal care of teeth tissues method. During one visit the restoration is done for 2-4 teeth, and in order not to be tired of sitting, for our patients we offer to watch through video glasses concerts, sports or films according to their needs.  

  1. Front teeth form and position reconstruction.
  2. Front upper teeth congestion correction.
  3. Front lower teeth congestion correction.
  4. Anomalous teeth position restoration.
  5. Wear out teeth restoration.
  6. Changed teeth color restoration.
  7. Closing of teeth gap.
  8. Change of teeth form
  9. Teeth raise from the roots.